XLR8 for Salesforce CRM is the customizable and easy-to-use system for Financial Services. It’s a powerful tool that improves every aspect of the client relationship process resulting in increased efficiency and communication. XLR8 is cloud-based which allows every firm, no matter the size, to aggressively compete and provide top shelf service to their clients.

XLR8 is a highly customized configuration of the Salesforce CRM, and it was created and continues to be enhanced based years of working with Financial Services firms. The functionality is designed to take full advantage of best practices within the industry, and the Process Engine has been embedded to document, manage and track all repeatable processes/workflows for each firm.

XLR8 is architected to build key account information and relationships under a single record. All financial, contact activity, communication, and business processes related to the person/account/company can be seen from a single location.

XLR8 is priced at $75/user/month. This price includes XLR8 and the Salesforce Force.com Enterprise license.

Once XLR8 is installed, the Concenter Services Professional Services team can continue to customize XLR8 for your firm. You may add or remove fields and incorporate your business processes within the system. After the project, XLR8/Salesforce will be your company’s unique CRM designed to fit your way of conducting business.

Highest Satisfaction Rating XLR8 received the HIGHEST SATISFACTION RATING for CRM in the 2017 Software survey co-sponsored by Advisor Perspectives, Bob Veres' Inside Information, and the T3 Conference!